The EU requires all companies, but also institutions including churches, to have a UBO declaration, which must be in the UBO register. The UBO register makes transparent who pulls the strings at organizations established in the Netherlands. The purpose of the UBO register is to counter financial-economic crime.

UBO stands for ‘ultimate beneficial owner’. This is the person who ultimately owns or controls a company, foundation or association, but also church communities. UBOs are people with a greater financial interest or voting power than others or someone who otherwise has greater control. In most cases, churches or foundations of churches will not have a distinction between stakeholders (see also WBTR). In that case, all directors as registered in the register of the Chamber of Commerce must also be registered in the UBO register.

Churches must have their UBOs registered with the Chamber of Commerce by March 27, 2022. Churches are already required to disclose a UBO to banks and financial institutions if they request it. The Chamber of Commerce sends letters with instructions.

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