SKIN-Rotterdam is dedicated to all Christian international communities in and around Rotterdam. Why is this necessary? Because these communities are of great value to each other, to ‘native’ churches and to the (Rotterdam) society as a whole. For this reason we stimulate mutual contact and joint actions. In this way the Christian communities can learn from each other, exchange their experiences as well as their knowledge and encourage each other. We are a ‘SKIN’-family!

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Through your contribution, SKIN-Rotterdam can accomplish meaningful activities which positively affect (members of) international as well as native Christian communities and the Rotterdam society as a whole.

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Volunteers & Interns

SKIN-Rotterdam offers fun and meaningful volunteer work and opportunities to find an internship in a Christian environment. We regularly need volunteers for our projects . We also offer opportunities for internships. Think of: office management/management assistant, media and communication, social work, theology.

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Online CCME Event 22/09/2020

Online CCME Event 22/09/2020

On 22 September from 10:00 - 12:30 CCME will hold an online event on how COVID 19 has influenced the International Churches andhad an impact on relations between the Dutch and International Churches. Subject:What are the challenges, the solidarity that is expressed...

Online Information New Donor Law 22/09/2020

Online Information New Donor Law 22/09/2020

The new donor law came into force on 1 July 2020. Everyone must register whether or not they wish to donate organs in the event of death in order to help another person. If you do not register, it is automatically assumed that you do. In this meeting, we explain what...

Spring in the Church 26/09/2020

Spring in the Church 26/09/2020

The global corona crisis has left deep scars in our society. Church life has been disrupted in many places and the question is how congregations are emerging from the crisis. The corona crisis thus reinforces the feeling that a bleak, winter cold is gripping many...

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SKIN-Rotterdam is a non-profit institution. Our activities and projects are made possible by subsidies from the municipality of Rotterdam and by the support of various funds. We also depend on donations and gifts.

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For Rent: Schiebroek

The PKN district church Schiebroek, the Goede Herderkerk has a space available on Sunday...


Languageplan connects voluntary Language Teachers and Language Buddies with groups and individuals...

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