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SKIN-Rotterdam is a non-profit institution and has the ANBI-status. Our activities and projects are made possible by subsidies from the municipality of Rotterdam and by the support of various funds. We also depend on donations and gifts. You can support SKIN-Rotterdam financially through:

One-time donation

You can do this very simply by using our donation button <link donation>. Depending on your income and the amount of the donation, it may be tax deductible. Look here for the term and conditions.

Periodic donations for a minimum of 5 years

You can also support us when you transfer a regular (at least 1x per year) periodic gift of (approximately) the same amount to us for at least 5 years. The advantage of such a periodic donation is that it is always deductible from income tax: there is no threshold income or maximum deductible amount. A periodic donation is deductible for income tax if you have the donation (or have it recorded) in a donation agreement. Look here for examples from the tax authorities.


Have you ever thought about supporting us with your assets when you’re no more here? You can do so by including SKIN-Rotterdam as a beneficiary in your will. As an ANBI institution, SKIN-Rotterdam is exempt from inheritance tax. Unlike heirs, we do not have to pay tax on inheritances.
If you have any questions about (periodical) donations or inheritances please contact with us.

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