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Christian international communities are of great value to other churches and to the (Rotterdam) society as a whole. However, they often lack the knowledge and experience that churches that are traditionally based in the Netherlands have. This the reason SKIN-Rotterdam supports Christian international communities in Rotterdam and surroundings. We do this mainly by stimulating mutual contact and joint actions. In this way the communities can learn from each other, exchange experiences and knowledge, not to mention encourage each other. In short: we are a ‘SKIN’ Family!

What do we offer?

As a member of SKIN-Rotterdam, you can count on free* individual advice, courses, workshops, information, networking meetings and excursions. Examples are: information about available housing, help with fundraising, Dutch language lessons. SKIN- Rotterdam represents the interests and makes connections between Christian international communities, government, social organization and indigenous churches. Find more information here: ‘What we do’.

*Non-members can also make use of our offer once free of charge, afterwards they will be asked to join.

Why schould you join?

  • It makes your own community stronger

  • Your members get help and often get to help each other as well

  • We make the whole of the Christian communities stronger

  • The Christian voice sounds louder in (Rotterdam) society


Those who recognize themselves in our vision: join SKIN-Rotterdam! Regardless of whether you represent a multicultural, native, Protestant, Orthodox, Catholic Church.

As an affiliated church you can count on: free individual advice, courses, workshops, information sessions, network meetings and excursions. Examples are: information about available housing, help with fundraising and Dutch language lessons by volunteers for groups in your church or as buddies for individuals​. And many helpful and connecting activities! View the current offer here.



What SKIN-Rotterdam does and achieves, stands or falls with the involvement of the Christian communities who have joined us. We assume that all affiliated churches actively participate in the activities of SKIN-Rotterdam through attendance at the annual meeting, participation in working groups and / or ambassadorship for SKIN-Rotterdam. Affiliated churches pay an annual contribution of 50 euros per church. Affiliated churches are active in Rotterdam and the surrounding area. Churches in the province of South Holland are also welcome, provided they are willing to travel to Rotterdam for the activities. Affiliates must be demonstrably prepared to commit themselves to striving for unity in the church and to endorse the vision of SKIN-Rotterdam. Affiliated churches must not have had to deal with divisions during the year before joining.

Contact details of the affiliated church on the SKIN-Rotterdam are listed on the website. Affiliated churches have the option to mention the affiliation with SKIN-Rotterdam on their website, flyers and in correspondence. They can also receive a reference from SKIN-Rotterdam if necessary. 

The rates for non-affiliated churches are: individual advice 50 euros per hour and participation in a course or activity 50 euros per person. The information ‘Guide‘ on this website is free for everyone.

Questions or you want to join?

Do you represent a Christian international community and do you recognize yourself in our vision : join SKIN-Rotterdam!

Please contact us for an appointment or download the registration form here. After receiving the filled in form and when we have gained an impression of your church, for example by visiting your church service, you will be invited for an introductory meeting with the board of SKIN-Rotterdam. Within a month  after this meeting the board will make a decision about your affiliation with SKIN-Rotterdam.

Build bridges?

SKIN-Rotterdam builds bridges between Christian International communities and native churches by meeting, doing or celebrating things together or “pulpit exchange”. In this way we show that together we are the body of Christ and that unity in diversity is a real strength. Christian international communities and indigenous churches are already working together, for example in campaigns for the neighborhood or in the convent of churches in Rotterdam. Several pastors of the Protestant church participate in our Women in Ministry group.

Want to know more? Please contact us.

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