Through its activities, SKIN-Rotterdam connects the Christian international communities with government institutions, social organizations and Dutch churches. We act for the interests of international Christian religious communities in Rotterdam and provide information and advice concerning interaction with the communities.

Goverment and politics

The municipality of Rotterdam and the surrounding municipalities need information to make the right administrative and policy decisions. The Christian international congregation knows what is going on in communities or neighbourhoods. They have access to groups of inhabitants that are difficult for the government to reach.

Social organizations

Citizens and leaders of international churches have authority within their community. They are involved with their people and are often trusted. This makes them key figures in reaching certain groups that are difficult for official bodies and other social organisations to reach.

Dutch churches

Encounter with an open attitude and a healthy dose of curiosity about each other’s customs, opinions and feelings creates understanding. Experience shows that by doing things together, the Christian international communities come closer to each other.

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