Starting at February 15th every day except Sundays, as long as the threat is imminent, at 4:45 PM a prayer service for peace in Ukraine will be held in the chapel for peace and reconciliation in the Laurenskerk in Rotterdam (on mondays at gebouw de Heuvel, Grote Kerkplein 5). You are warmly invited to pray with us, wherever you are.

If you do so, we would appreciate it greatly if you would let us know at [email protected]. Please find here a model to use for prayer in your own community.



Therefore love truth and peace. (Zach 8:19)

All our lives, from childhood, we hear about the misery that afflicts our fellowmen.
For them we say our prayers, day after day.
But sometimes, suddenly, there is a threat that, larger and closer, instills more fear than before.
Such as the threat of war in Ukraine.
The church desires no worldly power. The church does not judge.
She loves truth, and peace. Therefor she works, and prays.
We believe in the peace of God.
Peace that as a promise is our responsibility.
Peace that spans the world.
Let us pray, with one voice, in one spirit, for peace for all people, of all nations!