Investing in women is investing in the future!

A course especially for women is being organized in collaboration with the Red Cross. Are there women in your church community who want to learn how to act well in a future? Then register them now! This course is  about communicating, asking for help, dealing with stress, knowing your limits and using first aid yourself. What are your talents and how to work with your talents?

Start date of the course is March 24, location to follow. More information and sign up at Jane Martie-Chatlein. Phone number 06-1900 9348/

What will you learn during the Heroine course?

  • First aid in accidents for example if you child has an accident
  • Who do you ask for help and how do you ask for help?
  • Clear communication: for example if the doctor does not take you seriously
  • Dealing with difficult situations: your personal boundaries and dealing with conflicts
  • Discovering your own talents: trusting yourself

The Heroine course gives you more confidence to act in emergency situations