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In Rotterdam there are about 200 Christian international communities active with all possible Christian denominations and varying from 30 – 2000 members. SKIN-Rotterdam wants to bring these communities together and support them, with the goal: to create stable organizations that together can make a strong and positive voice heard in Rotterdam society, and where possible outside it. We will only achieve this if as many Christian communities as possible join SKIN-Rotterdam.


Samen Kerk in Nederland (SKIN) Rotterdam is a foundation for and by the Christian international communities in and around Rotterdam. The organisation was founded in 2007 by a number of pastors. Their goal was to join forces and work together. This came from a vision based on the call to unity among Christians in e.g. John 17 and 1 Corinthians 12: ‘A body is a unity consisting of many parts; despite their multiplicity all those parts together form one body. So it is with the body of Christ’. Jesus calls on Christians not to distinguish between, for example, origin or form. On the contrary, the diversity of Christianity is a great strength, because in this way it can acquire meaning for all kinds of different people in a way that suits them. As the body, this power can only be expressed optimally when all the different parts work together.

Focus areas

The focus areas of SKIN-Rotterdam are ‘stable organisations’ and ‘healthy families’. Healthy families form the foundation to a stable organization within the Christian communities. On the other hand, stable organizations are encouraging a healthy family life for the members of the communities. This connection with each other and the community strengthens the capacity and gives room to make a powerful positive voice heard and to be of value to the whole society.


The logo of SKIN-Rotterdam expresses our field of work: the triangle of church, government and society. With a broad, solid foundation of stable organizations and healthy families. We are always looking for the connection between the international churches, ‘native’ churches, government and civil society organizations. By joining forces and sharing expertise, we can achieve much more together in and for society.
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