Karin de Schipper


E: karin@skinrotterdam.nl

Tel.: +31 6 81 69 16 70
The churches may be there in all their diversity, we need each other and can strengthen each other, I believe in that.

  • Policy, management and development
  • Advice and guidance for churches
  • Advocacy
  • In- and external relations
  • General coordination of projects and activities

Jane Martie-Chatlein


E: jane@skinrotterdam.nl

Tel.: +31 6 19 00 93 48
Lots of interpersonal contact, room for creativity and contributing to the progress of my fellow men.

  • Advice and guidance of churches in the field of labor market and youth
  • Volunteer recruitment and guidance
  • Organization of courses, workshops and events.
  • Projects: Language Plan, Powerfully Connected, Education & Development, Work in Value

Harm van Schie


E: harm@skinrotterdam.nl

Tel.: +31 6 19 00 38 69
Working for the International Community is enriching, it shows me something of God’s riches and, above all, it is fun.

  • Advice and guidance of churches in the field of housing, organization and fundraising
  • Projects: Powerfully Connected, Partners in the neighbourhood

Bisola Olusanya


E: bisola@skinrotterdam.nl

Tel.: +31 6 34 50 61 74
Being part of this organization brings me closer to faith and when you believe, beautiful things happen.

  • Communication, design and web management
  • Projects: Powerfully Connected, SKIN-Young, Vital & Prepared, Work in Value

Cees Ramp


E: cees@skinrotterdam.nl
Tel.: +31 6 54280734

  • Advice and guidance for the elderly in the field of Vitality
  • Project: Vital & Prepared

Helma Hurkens


E: helma@skinrotterdam.nl
Tel.: +31 6 20 263 591

  • Advice and guidance of churches in the field of poverty, organisation, finance and fundraising
  • Project: Powerfully Connected, Undocumented persons, Get out of Poverty, Help Churches help, Together forward