Relaxation coronameasures 25th September ‘Give some space to eachother’

The basic rule  to keep 1,5 meters away’ will change from Saturday 25 September into an urgent advice to keep a distance. This means that the obligation of ‘keep 1.5 meters away’ is also formally canceled in churches. At the same time, the advice ‘keep an appropriate distance’ and good ventilation remains very important. Also take into account people with vulnerable health or people who do not feel safe with the relaxation. A coronapas is not required to attend church services. If an activity is organized with the character of an event where many people walk together, working with a coronapas is mandatory. For details, visit

Churches can help to prevent the spread of the virus by calling on people to follow the measures, by providing information about testing and vaccination and by providing practical and spiritual support for people. While doing this please give attention to the questions persons have about vaccination and encourage them.

If you have any questions about the measures or the specific situation of your church or people of your church, please contact us via mail or app 0681691670.

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