(update 15 February 2022)

During the press conference of 15 February, the Minister of Health, Welfare and Sport said that almost all restrictive measures in the Netherlands will be taken on 25 February. Normal closing times, no longer the obligation to keep one and a half meters away and no more mouth caps obligation. The corona admission ticket will then also no langer apply. For church services, this means that from February 25, there will no longer be any restrictions on numbers of churchgoers because the mandatory 1,5 m distance has been cancelled. The previous measures will still apply for next Sunday 20 February. The relaxations that will take effect on Friday, February 18, apply to locations where showing a corona admission ticket (CTB) is mandatory. Showing a CTB is not mandatory for church services, which is why these relaxations do not apply to the church services of next Sunday.

The basic rules remain important and also ensuring sufficient ventilation. Good routing in the church building also remains a point of attention. Taking care of churchgoers with vulnerable health is desired: when this is possible, keep part of the seats at 1,5 m for this group or people who feel uncomfortable with the lifting of the measures.

The minister said: “Even though a lot of rules are disappearing, the basic advice remains important, especially now. You see them on screen at every press conference: washing hands helps enormously, ventilate well, cough and sneeze into your elbow, get your vaccine or booster shot if you haven’t already done so. Keeping distance, mouth cap, even if it is no longer necessary everywhere, remains sensible.”

Other Church Activities
The options for other church activities (youth work, meals, walk-in, meeting and other gatherings) will also expire with effect from 25 February. Circles/home services can be organised directly.

Get the shot
It is important that the vaccination rate becomes/remains high. The board of SKIN-Rotterdam calls on all leaders of international churches to take their responsibility and set an example in following the government measures, calling on people to get vaccinated and also take the booster vaccination. You can also help people to make the online appointment (e.g. the elderly) or go along with people who have a fear of injection. There is a lot of information available. If you cannot find what you are looking for and if you have any questions, please contact us. We have direct contact with the GGD and other sources of information.

If you have any questions about the measures or the specific situation of your church or people from your church, please contact Izzy Mansour izzy@skinrotterdam.nl 06 48504172. Izzy would also like to meet you at your church.

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