Relaxation up to a maximum number of attendees at 1,5 meters. Singing allowed again.
(Update June 25, 2021)

From Saturday 26 June there will be no maximum number of visitors for church services provided the 1,5 meter rule is maintained. In this way, a maximum number of churchgoers can be determined for each church building. It is also allowed to sing again. Good ventilation remains important. For details, visit


It remains important that the measures are followed not only in the church but also in other places.

Churches can help to prevent the spread of the virus by calling on people to follow the measures, by providing information and by providing practical and spiritual support for people. While doing this please give attention to the questions persons have about vaccinationa and encourage them. Also inform them about the restrictions for visitors at home.

Vaccination Programme 

Vaccinate now to protect you and others and not give the coronavirus a chance. For the fight against the virus, it is now very important that people get vaccinated. In the SKIN-Rotterdam workshop we gave background information and questions were answered. The language of the workshop was Dutch but the presentation is partly English. You can watch the workshop here.

  • Information about vaccination against the coronavirus
  • Information GGD Rijnmond (Dutch) 
  • Would you like information from a healthcare professional in your church? You can request an information session with questions and answers via The information is provided by a healthcare professional in a different language if necessary. You can also contact SKIN-Rotterdam for mediation / 06 81691670
  • The coming Saturdays, healthcare professionals and volunteers will be present at three squares in Rotterdam to answer questions and – if you want this – to vaccinate immediately.
    Rotterdam South: Afrikaanderplein; Rotterdam-West: Visserijplein; Rotterdam North: Eudokiapleinia
  • Undocumented people can get a vaccination at the Maassilo until 9 July. Opening hours Monday to Thursday from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m., Friday from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m.


Testing for Corona

If you have any complaints, make sure to get a coronatest. Anyone can make an appointment. Undocumented people are not required to provide a social security number. If getting an appointment cause problems, you can ask the pastor or a friend to help. If necessary, you can also call SKIN-Rotterdam.

Usage plan for your Church

Every church should make a plan of use on how to ensure that the corona measures are maintained during church services. In this video  you can see what you have to take into account and how you can make a usage plan.

The presentation can also be downloaded here so that you can adjust the example of the usage plan for your own church.

Holy Supper

A tip that we received for churches that want to celebrate corona proof or online holy  supper while people can participate at home is the Fellowship Cup. A ‘single’ cup with grape juice and hosti. They are easily available online.

Reservation systems

Reservation systems for church services: ISI media blog (dutch)

Pastoral care

Visits are allowed, provided you comply with the regulations of the RIVM (such as keeping a distance of at least 1.5 meters). If the person asking for help or yourself suffers from a cold, cough, sore throat or fever, do not make an appointment. Keep in mind that you can be a source of contamination for people who are more sensitive such as the elderly and the sick. So consider carefully whether it is wise to visit.

If you have any questions about the measures or the specific situation of your church or people of your church, please contact us via mail or app 0681691670.



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