Fathers get stuck in the areas of work, income, debts, relationships, raising children and their mental health. The Corona crisis has put these values and their consequences under a magnifying glass, strained relationships within families and put families at risk of domestic violence and child abuse.

Families are more on top of each other than ever, there is job insecurity, cheap food has disappeared, tensions around children’s school work are rising and the meeting places that fathers used to relax with other men are less available.

In this project we conduct dialogues with men from international churches about their role in the family. Fathers can share their worries without losing face, so they experience less pressure. They support each other, which relieves the stress.  They become aware of their function as role models for their children and the breaking of harmful patterns through the generations.

The project is a collaboration with Dona Daria, SPIOR and Emancipator and is made possible by the Sint Laurensfonds and Oranjefonds.

This project has been finalized but in the video below you can see the results the project gained: