With the Value in Work project, SKIN-Rotterdam, together with communities and based on mutual trust, wants to help unused talents who are looking for work or want to start a business on their way. We do this in the following ways:


  • Publish information about the various employment offices on the website.
  • Advice and links to the right ´counters´ work and entrepreneurship.
  • Drafting a good CV.
  • Career coaching in cooperation with volunteer students HRM, Rotterdam University.
  • Links to relevant networks
  • Links to (language) buddies (Taalplan project)
  • Search for mentors via LinkedIn and/or own network in the specific field of highly educated jobseekers who “can’t get it”.
  • Mediating in (trial) placements and training programs
  • Providing aftercare after a placement


  • Job application training, centrally and/or in the local community using the training courses of well-known providers.
  • Entrepreneurship course, in cooperation with successful entrepreneurs from the communities (role models)
  • Intervision group(s)/Whatsapp groups

For more information, contact Jane Martie-Chatlein at [email protected].

Value in Work is made possible by fund DBL and Stichting steunfonds PCWR.