Vaccinate now! It is now very important for people to get vaccinated to fight the virus. Teenagers from 12 -18 can also get vaccinated. You don’t need to make an appointment anymore. Look here for more information and locations. 

Are there many people in your church with questions about the corona vaccination?
It is now possible to organize a meeting in your church where a doctor answers all medical questions in the language most suitable for your church!
You can request this yourself at
Would you rather have SKIN-Rotterdam help you? Contact 06 48504172
Most questions are also answered at the website of GGD Rotterdam-Rijnmond

Or download information in different languages:
Dutch: PosterFolder English: PosterFolder French: PosterFolder Spanish: Folder


Bishop Nana, Chairman of SKIN-Rotterdam gets his coronavaccination

More information
The site of the Dutch government offers a lot of information on the vaccination in the Netherlands. General information is found here.
In the SKIN-Rotterdam workshop we gave background information and questions were answered. The language of the workshop was Dutch but the presentation is partly English. You can watch the workshop by clicking on the picture here below.









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