(Update January 18, 2022)

Vaccinate now! It is now very important for people to get vaccinated to fight the virus. Teenagers aged 12-18 can also be vaccinated. You can get vaccinated without an appointment again! Look here for more information and locations. We are dealing with the highly contagious Omicron variant of the Corona virus. Omicron seems less pathogenic but is more contagious. There is less danger for becoming seriously ill or dying. Illness may be often less severe but because so many people get infected, the number of people who end up in hospital and ICU can still be high. Not only the healthcare sector becomes overloaded, but if many people are ill at the same time, the entire society is disrupted. You see this, for example, because trains or metros can no longer run due to staff shortages. For all your questions or for an appointment for information in your community, please contact [email protected] 06 48504172

⇐ Bishop Nana, chairman of SKIN-Rotterdam gets his booster vaccination


Do you have doubts or questions COVID and vaccination?
Check the following places for more information.

Are you worried about getting a COVID shot?
Do you not dare to got to the location to get a vaccination against COVID? Or are you afraid of the needle? You can get help with this. Look here for more information.

COVID and fertility
Many young people have questions about the COVID vaccination. For example, whether it affects their fertility. Based on frequently asked questions, GGD doctor Jalini explains in this video. Do you have more questions? Discuss your questions with your own family doctor.

Who decides about vaccination: the young person or the parents?
Anyone aged 12 and over can be vaccinated. Perhaps young people are still in doubt. Or they may not be able to discuss this with their parents. In the Netherlands young people aged 16 and 17 can decide for themselves whether they want a corona vaccination. For children from 12 to 15 years of age, the consent of both the parents and the child is required for medical procedures. There are two exceptions to this: if not performing a treatment could cause serious harm to the child, or when the child has a well-considered wish for the treatment. It is difficult when children make a different choice than their parents. Keep discussing the item with each other, possibly with the help of a third party. Always take the child’s opinion into account in these discussions. More information can be found on the website of the Dutch Youth Institute.

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More information
On the site of the national government there is a lot of information about the sequence and approach of the vaccination and facts about the safety and types of vaccines. > Read more here.
SKIN-Rotterdam has previously held a workshop where background information was given and questions were answered. Click on this link to view the workshop