This project focuses on equipping churches to help families to step out of poverty, beyond shame to self-esteem and from lethargy to initiative. SKIN-Rotterdam organizes training and coaching for voluntary key persons from the churches and establishes connections between the churches and organizations with expertise.

We make poverty a topic for discussion within the communities and the key people from the communities are able to help or refer families who knock on their door. By empowering the people within the international Christian communities in the field of poverty, we hope that they will become part of a group of people with a migration background who adopt a resilient attitude and increasingly take up a fully-fledged place in Dutch society. In concrete terms, we want 15 communities to be equipped with regard to poverty in three years and 150 families to be helped to take a step out of their situation of poverty.

For more information please contact Helma Hurkens, 

The project is funded by the Sint Laurensfonds and Kansfonds.