As of January 1, the Vital & Prepared project begins. The Christian international communities have to deal more and more with elderly people in their midst. This depends on how long these communities have been represented in the Netherlands. Where more elderly with a specific migration background need care, we see the demand (and to a lesser extent the supply) for culture-specific care facilities increase. Loneliness plays a role but often in a different way than with Dutch elderly. Therefore, we want to inform and equip these communities about important issues and facilities for the elderly and help them organize elderly activities. We are pleased that Cees Ramp is willing to take on this ‘Vital’ part of the project. Cees has a background in district nursing and has previously worked for SKIN-Rotterdam in elderly work. The second part of the project ‘Prepared’ is about equipping future elderly people for aging in the Netherlands.
Communities of the first generation of people with West African migration backgrounds now have an increasing number of people over fifty. Whereas before people went back to their country of origin when they got older, now they stay here because their children are building their future here. Our employee Bisola Olusanya has come up with a concept with a ‘Legacy Suitcase’ that can be used at informal meetings led by a ‘future ambassador’. She will be putting this concept into practice starting in January.


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