Mrs. van der Leende, she recently turned 80 years old, proudly shares a video in which she dances in her Surinamese attire. Behind this smile is the story of Mrs. van der Leende. “The father of my children did not take care of me, but God takes care of me like a real father.”

For years, Mrs. Van der Leende has been coming to Victory Outreach Rotterdam church. At church, she heard about the walk-in center of Samen erop vooruit, an initiative of Samen Kerk in Nederland (SKIN) in Rotterdam. Volunteer Ron helps her with the pot check, so she gets a good idea of what she is entitled to. Read the full story via this link.

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Are you inspired by this story and would you also like to help people get ahead financially? You can read more about this role through this link. Together we can make a positive difference in people’s lives. Please join us and get involved! For more information, contact Helma Hurkens, at or 06-20263591.

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