Staying healthy through the winter

Good health helps to protect yourself from disease.  With the summer vacations coming to an end and autumn and winter starting soon, it’s good to be extra alert. Right now, corona rates are still low. But unfortunately corona is not gone. People can still get sick. We also know people who still have symptoms due to lung covid. It remains important to protect yourself and others.

What tips are there to get through the winter healthy? How does a virus work and how does a vaccine work? How do you do a self-test? Just a few questions that may arise in your community. In need of information? We have contacts with doctors from the GGD who would like to give an information session in your church and can answer questions. This can also be done on Sunday before or after the church service!  Every week the GGD is also at the market on the Afrikaanderplein, Visserijplein and in Schiedam to answer your questions.

Testing remains important to prevent the virus from spreading. Do you have complaints? Are you going to visit someone who is vulnerable? Are you coming back from vacation? Then do a self-test. GGD Rotterdam-Rijnmond offers free self-tests via SKIN-Rotterdam.

Are you interested in an education by a GGD doctor and/or do you want a box of self-tests to hand out in your community? Please let me know! Karin de Schipper [email protected] 06 81691670

Prefer to read information yourself? Look here at the website of the GGD: