SKIN-Rotterdam awarded the ‘Overbrugger 2020′ to Michiel Grauss, alderman for Poverty Reduction, Debt Management and Informal Care Municipality of Rotterdam, and his team as an appreciation for his work for people in poverty and stimulating trust between citizens and the public on Monday 27 September. The prize is presented annually by SKIN-Rotterdam to people who have made an exceptional contribution to Rotterdam society in general and to international churches in particular.

Mrs. Lea Lynch, secretary of SKIN-Rotterdam, said that SKIN-Rotterdam appreciates Michiel Grauss’ commitment to people in poverty, not in the least during the corona pandemic. In addition, Michiel Grauss has positioned the religious organizations in Rotterdam as indispensable partners of the government by initiating the study ‘Scope and character of the social activities of ideological organizations in Rotterdam’ (popularly called ‘Tel je Zegeningen 2’). She said:

‘Poverty is one of the ‘tough problems’ of this city. You tirelessly find loopholes in the system to breach the vicious cycle of poverty. You are creative in finding solutions, preferably for the long term, but if possible and necessary also for immediate needs. You commit to the fact that ‘trust’ is the key word and that is why you seek cooperation with low-threshold informal parties such as the international churches that have the confidence of people in the fight against poverty. Like SKIN-Rotterdam you seek to bridge the gap beween system and daily life. And, perhaps most importantly, you know that in order to really build bridges it is necessary to ‘go out there0′ get to know people and let them get to know you. In that respect you are a role model for the entire civil service system.’

Pastor Ola Asubiaro, treasurer of SKIN-Rotterdam then handed over the prize.