The coalition Samen Kerk = Samen Sterk supported by Connecting Churches, Kerk in Actie and the Dutch Council of Churches organised a National week of prayer against the spread and consequences of the Corona crisis 1-7 November 2020.

As churches we want to take our responsibility and call on everyone to observe the RIVM measures. As Christians, we trust in God and know that He is bigger than the coronavirus and that He helps through our prayers. Our prayer is still necessary. So let us pray that the good will triumph and that we will do good. You can use the themes and prayers by different pastors and in different languages ​​below to support your own prayers.


Government, ministers, mayors

Churches, church leadership and pastors

Families and young people

People without jobs and affected entrepreneurs

Sick and people who lost their loved ones to or during corona 

The city or village in which you live and the Netherlands 

Anyone worldwide affected by the virus