The project Krachtig Verbonden (Powerfully Connected) focuses on the heart of SKIN-Rotterdam’s mission and aims at empowering Christian international communities to be of value in the Dutch society by stimulating, activating and equipping pastors and (potential) leaders, developing leadership and connecting the communities with each other and with their environment.
We do this by:

  • Strengthening the self-organization of the communities by providing courses, meetings and the website and connecting with society
  • Stimulating the sharing of knowledge and the independence of the communities among themselves through network meetings and the website
  • Encouraging community leaders to work with the Dutch churches and social organisations through networking meetings and making the connections
  • Encouraging community leaders to participate in church, community and political umbrella organisations

For more information please contact Jane Martie-Chatlein; [email protected]

The project is made possible by amongst others Stichting Rotterdam, Fonds DBL and the Maatschappij van Welstand.