​About the opportunities and pitfalls of joint use of church buildings (in dutch).

Many Dutch churches are experiencing decline. It hurts to see that the church is getting emptier, the burdens weighing more and more. When does the time come to dispose of the church building? Many International churches are looking for space for their gatherings. What opportunities are there to share churchbuildings? Can buildings be used together? Or might an international church be able to purchase the church building?

The authors of this brochure are convinced of the possibilities, but also see the pitfalls. It is especially important from which vision one works. This is evident from the interviews that can be found in these brochures. In addition, advice from a concerned civil-law notary is included and eight lessons that arise from the discussions. Finally, there is a step-by-step plan, schedule of requirements and a checklist for the rental / sale or purchase / sale of a church building.

In the booklet, the organizations SKIN-Rotterdam, SKIN, SOFAK, Connecting Churches and Kerken voor Kerken have combined their expertise.

The booklet is now available at shipping costs at [email protected]. You can also order a pdf version or an epub version for free.