Because of corona, many people have been more than usual inside. Not only the loneliness, but also the fear of going outside and doing things has increased. Most elderly people have now been vaccinated. That is why Coalition Erbij Rotterdam and Sint Laurensfonds are starting the ‘Walking Summer 2021’. You can participate in your organization by giving the elderly an incentive to go outside (again), become active and stay active together! Exercise is not only healthy, but under the right conditions it can also be a good means of connecting older people for a longer period of time. Sport and exercise thus become a means to combat loneliness. There is a small amount per participant availble.

How does the promotion work?
1. Read all information about the walking campaign and the conditions in the invitation (dutch).
2. For tips and ideas to further shape the action, see the appendix (dutch).
3. Register your organization before 1 August using the registration form (dutch).

Send your application to [email protected] and join us!