Commemorating together, celebrating together
This year, 160 years of abolition of slavery and 150 years of abolition of state control will also be commemorated in Rotterdam. On June 30 the commemoration was at the Slavery Monument at the Lloyd Pier and today on July 1 with the Keti Koti celebration.

More awareness
By commemorating and celebrating together, Rotterdammers come into contact with this side of their city’s history. This paves the way for more awareness about the meaning and impact of the colonial and slavery past and therefore creates connection. Young people in particular deserve our attention, because they are part of the city of tomorrow: an inclusive city. SKIN-Rotterdam is one of the initiators of the manifesto and we are taking up the gauntlet and working together to make the celebration and commemoration in 2023 a success. We will do this by organizing activities and events in our own field with the knowledge that we have; from our own task and as a joint initiative. The program focuses on various domains such as education, philosophy of life and culture.

We also call on you to join the Manifesto! Want to know more? Click here for more information.

Book Colonial Rotterdam available for all citizens of Rotterdam
As of today the book Colonial Rotterdam, city of today and tomorrow is available for free for all inhabitants of Rotterdam in all Rotterdam libraries. The book introduces readers to the colonial and slavery history of Rotterdam. Besides the book being available for free in all Rotterdam libraries, the digital version is also available on the websites of the City of Rotterdam and the Municipal Archives.
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