Thank you!

International churches do a lot of good work in the city of Rotterdam. Especially during the corona pandemic, a lot of work has been done in the field of food distribution and a listening ear for people in need. SKIN-Rotterdam is asked to distribute 500 free Rotterdam passes among the volunteers of the international churches as a thank you from the Municipality of Rotterdam!

How does it work?

SKIN-Rotterdam received codes. With the code a person can apply for a free Rotterdam pass..
Has your church not yet received codes and do you have volunteers to whom you would like grant this ‘Thank you’ statement?
Send an email to  at the LATEST MONDAY 11 APRIL and state how many codes you would like to receive. There is a choice between 5 or 10 codes. Please indicate when you can hand out more codes. If there are any left after the closing date, I will contact you.

What is the Rotterdampas, what can you do with it?

With the Rotterdampas you can go on many different outings, free or with a discount.
With your pass, you can go to Diergaarde Blijdorp, Plaswijckpark, the Rotterdam cinemas, and various swimming pools and museums.
The entire offer of the Rotterdampas can be found at
Also when you qualify, the Youth Credit and the AOW credit can be deposited on the card.

How do I pass on the code to the volunteers?

You can pass on the code to the volunteers in writing, by Whatsapp or by email. Here you will find the thank you letter from the Municipality that you can give with it.
Note: a code can only be used once! If the volunteer already has a Rotterdam pass, the code may be given to someone else by the volunteer.

How does the volunteer get the Rotterdam Pass?

To get the Rotterdampas, go to (use your DigiD). Fill in the order form and upload a passport photo.
At checkout, you enter the code you received so that you do not have to pay.

How long is the Rotterdam pass valid for?

A Rotterdam pass runs annually from March to February. The free Rotterdam Passes of this promotion are valid from March 2022 to February 2023.