SKIN-Rotterdam has an ANBI status, which stands for “Algemeen Nut Beogende Instelling”.

A donation to SKIN-Rotterdam, one-off or periodically, may therefore be tax-deductible. SKIN-Rotterdam, as an ANBI, is also exempt from inheritance or gift tax. Look here for more information.

  • the RSIN/tax number of SKIN-Rotterdam is 817491557
  • the Chamber of Commerce number is 24408032
  • Bankaccount NL06 RABO 0131 1476 33 SKIN Rotterdam

policy The members of the board do not receive any remuneration in cash or in kind for their work. Travel and parking costs incurred in the context of agreed administrative activities will be reimbursed on presentation of proof of payment or on the basis of a kilometer allowance. The same applies to material expenses on presentation of proof of payment. As a thank you for their efforts, board members can receive a compensation or thank you at the end of the year that does justice to their efforts in their board tasks. The compensation will under no circumstances exceed the maximum volunteer compensation allowed by the tax authorities. The compensation will be provided if the financial situation of the organization allows it.(source: Household Rules, March 2024)