The protestant church of Overschie, Big Church Overschie; Overschiese Dorpsstraat 95; 3043 CP Rotterdam, wants to rent out their church on Sunday afternoon. It is a beautiful old church with space for about 500 people in solid arrangement. At the back of the church there is an enormous open coffee room. There are three extension rooms and a small office space. They would like to rent out the space from a trusted relationship and they hope for a possible pleasant cooperation. More information: Harm van Schie: or call 06 19003869.

Space for rent at Ark of the Covenant, Oost Sidelinge 15. 3043 JH Rotterdam. Large church hall and smaller halls, space for children, kitchen available. Available on Sunday 10.00 -14.00, Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday all day, Tuesday, Thursday only during the day. Contact Elery Nepmuceno, 06-86491177.


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