• Languageplan connects voluntary Language Teachers and Language Buddies with groups and individuals who need informal language lessons. Religious communities who desire to organise informal language lessons, will be provided with advice and practical help. The strength of the project is the careful matching and intensive guidance of the volunteers. The project provides appropriate teaching materials. The active volunteers meet and learn from each other during  the intervision meetings and further training.The participants of the informal language lessons are given an intaketest to ensure that they are taught on the right level.

     Languageplan is a joint initiative between SKIN-Rotterdam, Samen010, Mara and SPIOR and is funded by DBL and Volkskracht.

    Want to know more? Please contact us.

Warm Welcome is a project for people living at the AZC Beverwaard, Status Holders and Detention Centre Rotterdam. volunteers are paired up with new Rotterdam citizens. We do this in different ways:

Open house for residents of the AZC Beverwaard. Open house for residents of the AZC Beverwaard.
Supported by the project, volunteers from the joint churches of IJsselmonde and Ridderkerk organize a weekly Open House for residents of the AZC Beverwaard. This Open House also allows them to maintain personal contact with people from the AZC. If you are interested in participating, please contact Connie at:

Aan de Slag, jobs for residents of the AZC Beverwaard
Residents of the AZC are matched with volunteer jobs in their neighbourhood. Could your organization (near Rotterdam Beverwaard) use a number of extra volunteers and would you like to offer opportunities for residents of the AZC to get started? If so, please contact Azhar at:

Support status holders in Rotterdam  
To welcome status holders to Rotterdam, we offer them a variation of practical assistance, leisure activities and meetings. Volunteers from churches, mosques and other Christian or Islamic-inspired organisations would like to contribute actively in helping these people. If you or your organisation would like to do something for status holders, please contact Harm at:

Wake and practical help Detentiecentrum Zestienhoven
Every first Sunday of the month there is a vigil in front of the fence of Detentiecentrum Zestienhoven Portelabaan 7, 3045 AT Rotterdam from 16.00 to 17.00 pm. In addition, volunteers provide clothing and other items after contact with the spiritual caretakers. At Christmas they hand out Christmas packages.

Volunteer meetings
We hold meetings for all Warm Welcome volunteers which is held four times a year to discuss the (problems of the) different groups and developments in the policy of the municipality, national government and institutions such as COA. In addition, we offer short-term training courses and workshops in which volunteers can practice their skills and share their questions and concerns. These meetings are organised together with partners from the city. For more information, please contact Hanny de Kruijf at:

Warm Welcome is a joint collaboration between SKIN-Rotterdam, Mara projects, Samen010 and SPIOR and is funded by DBL, Oranje fond, Volkskracht, Kansfonds and PIN-KNR.

DWARS gives young people from Rotterdam the opportunity to volunteer for somebody in their own way. DWARS stands for ‘By Warm Attention Rotterdam Stronger’. This is done in two ways: by the contribution of the participants made to the city and allowing them to develop their own talents and learning new skills.

How does DWARS work? 

DWARS brings together young people and young adults who normally don’t meet each other so quickly by deliberately creating mixed groups. Members of each group have different religious and cultural backgrounds. Some have a stable family life, others grow up in a youth institution or are even homeless. Each group organizes five social activities together. It is up to the young people to decide which of these are. Anything is possible, from joining the editorial staff of a media station, to helping the elderly on the computer. The young people receive training in ‘mobile journalism’, which equips them to share their experiences on social media. The project is carried out in the Rijnmond region. Participants are between 14 and 30 years old.

The project is a joint initiative of SKIN-Rotterdam with Mara and SPIOR. The project is part of the second phase of ZonMw’s ‘living labs’ for social service.

If you want more information about DWARS or if you like to participate please contact Jane Martie-Chatlein at:, 06 19009348.

It’s been more than ten years since the ‘Count your blessings’ study was held. This research showed the social impact and social position of Rotterdam’s churches. As a result of this research, newspapers headed: ‘Rotterdam’s society as a whole saves between 110 and 133 million euros a year through the efforts of the churches.’ The coalition agreement 2018-2022 ‘New energy for Rotterdam’ of the Municipality of Rotterdam includes a follow-up to the research ‘Count your blessings’. All philosophical organisations, churches, mosques, temples, synagogues and their civil society organisations have been questioned about their activities.

The research is carried out with five larger Rotterdam religious and ideological (umbrella) organisations (Mara, SPIOR, SKIN-Rotterdam, Samen 010 and Convent of the Churches of Rotterdam). The Verwey-Jonker Institute, as an independent research bureau, is ultimately responsible for the research project.

For more information contact Karin de Schipper at:

The project Krachtig Verbonden (Powerfully Connected) focuses on the heart of SKIN-Rotterdam’s mission and aims at empowering Christian international communities to be of value in the Dutch society by stimulating, activating and equipping pastors and (potential) leaders, developing leadership and connecting the communities with each other and with their environment.
We do this by:

  • Strengthening the self-organization of the communities by providing courses, meetings and the website and connecting with society
  • Stimulating the sharing of knowledge and the independence of the communities among themselves through network meetings and the website
  • Encouraging community leaders to work with the Dutch churches and social organisations through networking meetings and making the connections
  • Encouraging community leaders to participate in church, community and political umbrella organisations

For more information please contact Jane Martie-Chatlein;

The project is made possible by the Rotterdam Foundation, Fonds DBL and the Maatschappij van Welstand.

The Child raising and development project aims to contribute to the goal of promoting healthy families within the Christian international communities. We do this in two ways:

  • Strengthen families from the Christian international communities in lasting relationships and positive education by connecting the values of the community with the context of the society around them. We do this by training trusted counsellors and youth leaders from the communities, exchanging good examples.
  • Helping young people from the Christian international communities to find connections among the cultures they come into contact with and to develop their talents in a future-orientated way so that they are empowered to take their position in society. We do this by training and matching young people.

For more information contact Jane Martie-Chatlein;

The project Education and Development is made possible by the Rotterdam Foundation and the Laurensfonds. 

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