In Partners in the Community, we work with ten different churches to establish connections with other civil society organisations (professional and voluntary) working in their neighbourhoods to help people with the challenges they face every day. Volunteers from the churches receive training in ‘the social map’ and how to carry out projects and guidance in carrying out or expanding their own social activities and building their networks.

With the project ‘Partners in the community’ we want to stimulate and equip the international churches to actively participate in their own environment by knowing the people in their neighbourhood; promote the liveability of the neighbourhood; know where the problems are in the neighbourhood; have a constructive attitude and a vision of the contribution the community can make. Contacts will sometimes cross neighbourhood boundaries in connection with relationships based on (migration) background.

Implementing an active volunteer policy on social tasks by enthusing and training key figures and other volunteers to be able to help people with a migrant background in their neighbourhood in their daily lives.

Building networks and participating in existing networks by establishing contacts with the neighbourhood network, neighbourhood houses, other churches and foundations.

Cooperating with and referring to professional organisations at different levels by helping people to find the right ‘counters’ with the help of vraagwijzer, neighbourhood team, GGD, work & income, youth counter.

More information: Harm van Schie, [email protected]

The project is made possible by the Municipality of Rotterdam.