National Elections

Let your voice be heard as a Christian!

On March 17 there are national elections again, and everyone with the Dutch nationality may vote.
Following this, SKIN Landelijk, SKIN-Rotterdam and the EO organized an election debate between political parties and international churches on Wednesday, March 17
During this debate, politicians from ten parties told what their positions are on three themes:

1) housing shortage
2) integration and the role of churches
3) freedom of religion

The debate was led by Joram Kaat. Participants were Chris van Dam (CDA), Don Ceder (CU), Natasha Hoesein (DENK), Salima Belhaj (D66),
Andreas Bakir (FvD), Milka Yemane (GroenLinks), Jerzy Soetekouw (PvdA), Wouter van den Berg (SGP), Jasper van Dijk (SP), and Liane den Haan (50Plus).

Did you miss the debate on March 1 but still want to hear what the different parties had to say about the issues? You can watch it now!
We hope the debate will give you a better insight and will help you to make a choice on March 17th! Enjoy and don’t forget to vote on March 17th!

These are helpful links if you need help making your choice:




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