Training Mobile Journalism for Online Media

How to create good and substantive videos for social media? Many people and churches are using social media to reach others with their messages. This is your opportunity to learn how to do this well. During this 3 day training we will focus on film techniques for the smartphone, storytelling, interview methods, source research, how to prepare a film production and editing videos. This training is for people from the international churches who want to learn how to make professional videos with their cell phones. This training is for free, but in return we ask of the participants to make a movie for SKIN-Rotterdam. The subject of the movie you get after registration.  The training is given online and the training days are: Saturday, January 22 1030-13:30, Thursday, January 27 19:00-21:00 and Thursday, February 3 19:00-22:00. More information, tel 06-19009348


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