Saterday 23rd January at 21.00 hours the curfew will go into effect. A new step in the fight against corona. What are the consequences of this curfew for churches? The curfew will apply from 21:00 to 4:30, from 23rd January until at least 10th February. What will happen after that is not yet clear. The rules of the curfew are explained here.



For urgent work that cannot be postponed, churches can appeal to be exempted for the curfew rules due to emergencies or urgent work. These include crisis counselling, digital church services and preparations for funerals that cannot be postponed. Each church can determine for itself what is considered ‘emergency or urgent work’ in your church, but is expected to adhere to the curfew rules as much as possible, unless there is really no other way.

For every pastor or other employee who goes out during the hours of the curfew, 2 declarations must be made. You must take these declarations with you when you go out and on inspection you must be able to show them (you may also show them digitally on your phone).
1. the so-called employer’s statement in which the board or the elders council of the church indicates what the necessary activities are for this person. They have to fill in the form ‘Werkgeversverklaring‘ for their pastors or pastoral workers.
2. an own statement, namely the completed form ‘Eigen verklaring avondklok‘. Only government forms can be used as identification for being on the street after 9pm.

Additional information:

– There is also an exception for necessary informal care. This applies, for example, if you have to provide essential care to a family member who cannot wait until 9 p.m. For this purpose, a completed form ‘Eigen verklaring avondklok‘ must be brought along.
– The word “volunteer” should be avoided in the text of the declaration for these employees.
– Only government forms can be used as identification for being on the street after 9 pm.
– A falsely issued declaration is forgery and therefore punishable by law.
– The maximum number of people present at a funeral (also in a church building) has been reduced to 50 as of Monday 25 January.
You can find an explanation of the exact rules, the exceptions and the forms here

Do you have any questions or need help in filling out these forms? Then please contact SKIN-Rotterdam: 06 81691670.

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